Enoteca, an Italian restaurant nestled in a renovated home in Sukhumvit Soi 27, offers a tranquil escape just minutes from the city centre. Full-length windows reveal a cozy yet sophisticated dining room, romantically lit with rustic décor. 

Drawn to the warm light, like a moth to a flame, I headed inside and was warmly greeted by the owner, Nicola. As I settled into my seat, I noticed countless wine bottles lining the brick walls. “Makes sense,” I thought, given that ‘enoteca’ means ‘wine library’ in Italian. 

Shortly after, we were offered warm homemade bread, and who doesn’t love freshly baked bread?

Our culinary journey began with an enticing trio of amuse-bouche. First, the bread cone topped with mortadella and pistachio, this ice-cream cone lookalike quickly became my favorite of the three. Its crunchy exterior, savory mortadella, and nutty undertones were delicious. 

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