Enoteca Italiana Bangkoks best Italian Restaurant


Working on 2018’s Menu – Enoteca Italiana – Bangkok’s Best Italian Restaurant

Chef Stefano Borra’s cuisine is inspired by the memories of his childhood and by the aromas and products of his region, all reinterpreted in a modern way. Here are some of the dishes which will be in our 2018 menu here at Enoteca Italiana Bangkok’s best Italian Restaurant.

Piedmont in winter:

Enoteca Italiana Bangkoks best Italian Restaurant

This dish captures the image of the first winter days in piedmont when a thick blanket of fog envelops the hills of the Langhe filled with the strong flavours of the artichoke, Its prepared in 3 different cooking processes with cardoon au gratin. anchovy hazelnuts and black truffles.
Nebbiolo is paired because it is perfect to match the territory and the climate. In Italian Nebbiolo means fog.


The Roe Deer (Cervo) venison

Enoteca Italiana Bangkoks best Italian Restaurant

Stefano’s love for the intense taste of game meat, has lead to the create of this particular dish using the noble part of roe deer, it is marinated in red wine and cooked at low temperatures accompanied by a puree of cannellini beans, caramelized black figs and a touch of mango sauce to balance out the dish. So don’t forget to swing by Enoteca Italiana, one of Bangkok’s best Italian restaurants in the heart of Sukhumvit.

Lasagna 2017 (Granny would never be able to do it)

Enoteca Italiana Bangkoks best Italian Restaurant
The dish wanted to be a tribute to the Bolognese origins of Nicola and his family. What a better way than the Bologna Lasagna.
We wanted to play with tradition by giving it an artistic and light interpretation. However, maintaining the original taste intact. A little tease in the name of the dish.

So don’t forget to treat your tastebuds to a culinary experience here at Enoteca Italiana, Bangkok’s best Italian Restaurant.

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